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After continuing a 7-year tradition of playing Santa and partnering with local churches and law enforcement, TDI Thermal Drone Inspections has finally fulfilled the founder’s dream of expanding the company's wings and creating a giving arm. 

In the past, TDI owner and President, David Lewgood partnered with the Cobb County Police Department and local churches to adopt deserving families for Christmas. After a personal bout with cancer, Lewgood made the intimate decision to include families impacted by the devastating disease. This year, David and his wife, Lydia, created the Secret Santa Over Atlanta giving program to provide holiday essentials to families wrought with hardship. The new program provides families with hams, turkeys, traditional Christmas meals, presents, and Santa gift wishes for all the families and kids.

The first annual Secret Santa Over Atlanta was a huge success and surpassed their initial goal of 4 families to help 8 deserving families enjoy a merrier Christmas and extra special holiday season.

Some of the Amazing Gifts and Donations Included: 8 Turkeys, Hams, and Gift Cards, 30 Candy Canes, 8 Night Before Christmas Books, 1 Hoverboard, 1 Chrome Book,16 Pairs of Shoes, 20 Rolls of Tape, 15 Wrapping Paper Rolls, 50 Volunteers, Donors, and Sponsors, 300 Stocking Stuffers, 30 Kids with Stockings, 5 Bikes, 3 Drones, 1 Scooter, 6 Balls, 18 Jackets, 30 Santa Gift Bags, 105 Boxes, and 250 Presents.

For more information about how to donate or volunteer to Secret Santa Over Atlanta next holiday season and view photos from 2019, please visit the website at

TDI would also like to send a sincere 'THANK YOU' to all of our sponsors, donors, and volunteers who opened up their hearts to provide all the support and generosity necessary to make this Christmas special for the families fostered in 2019! We couldn't have done it without you, your hard work, love, and support.


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