Roofing Structures & Building Envelope

Roofing Structures & Building Envelopes are structural necessities that most people don't like to think about until there's leak, or damages are discovered.  Traditionally these types of inspections require inspectors to cautiously climb on on top of buildings - only to collect a superficial survey and perform a preliminary assessment generated over days, or even weeks later.  


In business, time well-spent results in more money to spend, and more money saved!  TDI Thermal Drone Inspections takes a technological approach to this philosophy and speeds up inspections faster, safer, and more accurately than traditional inspections.

We use top of the line aerial drone scans to identify breaches in your roofing system or defects in your building envelope.  We then provide you with decision-quality data to support your financial responsibilities, including temperature anomalies that may result in costly energy loss and repairs if left unchecked.  


Our advanced thermal drone technology allows us to literally fly through inspections and provide you with full assessments in hours, or even minutes, while also reducing human error and safety issues.  Our thermal drone cameras capture detailed images of your entire building facade so that it can then be analyzed by an engineer, site manager, or building inspector.  


As HAAG certified commercial roofing inspectors, we arm and educate our clients with evidence-based data imagery and documentation for when it comes to filing storm damage property claims.  These images also provide invaluable, time-stamped records to owners of the current state of your assets at the time of the inspection for any future insurance and analysis purposes.​

Allow our Specialists to guide you through the entire process and help you make the best decisions based on your unique goals.

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