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TDI Thermal Drone Inspections offers unmatched Insurance Claim & Property Inspection solutions that traditionally take a boots-on-the-ground inspector up to two hours to complete - and we knock it out within about 15 minutes.  

Adjusters no longer need to risk safety when climbing on top of potentially dangerous building envelope or damaged roofing systems.  Our thermal drone inspections capture vital aerial information using the most advanced technology to streamline the inspection process and increase efficiency by up to 50% faster, safer, and more accurately than traditional assessments.  

We provide adjusters the ability to determine storm-related damages with incredibly accurate imaging, analysis, and inspection reporting so that they can make the fastest, most accurate claims decisions possible.​  Our HAAG certified building and roofing inspectors significantly reduce the time required to get precise building and roofing dimensions into Xactimate.  They are capable of creating full, unbiased inspection reports on a large scale using our ITC thermography certification and advanced infrared drone camera sensors.  This not only lowers costs in the claims process, but it also helps create transparency that your customers can trust and a more efficient solution to streamline the claims workflow.


Our fleet of thermal drone inspections help businesses work smarter, not hard.  Our nationwide network of highly skilled drone pilots dramatically increases the number of inspections performed in a day so that more claims are resolved quicker, and more clients are put on the fast track for restoration, repairs and settlement decisions.

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