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Field Surveys Solar Panels

Regular thermographic inspections and solar panel maintenance are vital to maximizing power generation, extending the life of a solar systems, and delivering the highest return on your alternative energy investment.


TDI Thermal Drone Inspections uses high-resolution digital and infrared camera sensors to help your solar business locate panel problems faster and more effective than conventional handheld methods.  We collect a complete picture of accurate images and thermographic data to help you identify, classify, and localize thermal anomalies to pinpoint energy leaks and panels for repair.


Whereas traditional solar inspections can take days or weeks to perform, our thermal drone inspections can scan hundreds of acres in a single day.  Our infrared camera sensors can also help detect solar panel deficiencies and avoid decreased energy production. 


To learn more about our thermal drone inspection solutions for solar panels and field surveys, please contact TDI today.

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