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TDI Thermal Drone Inspections is passionate about providing the best thermal & infrared B2B aerial services in the business. We are dedicated to ensuring complete client satisfaction while offering the most comprehensive certified damage assessments on the market today.

To help you better understand what sets TDI apart from traditional visual inspection methods, we want you to imagine that a child is playing baseball and accidentally gets hit in the arm by the ball. The poor kid's arm swells twice as big as the other one, so you take him to the hospital to make sure nothing is broken.  

The doctor examines the kid's arm and sees no blood and no lacerations - but he doesn't stop there.  He wants to x-ray of the boy's arm to make sure there are no hidden damages beneath the surface of his skin. 

Now, suppose that similarly sized baseball is actually hail, and it has been pounding  your roof for 10 minutes. Your exterior may look okay, but how do you know if there is hidden damage or water intrusion collecting below the surface? 

Here is why TDI is uniquely different. We have teams of certified thermologists that work in tandem with our thermal & infrared drone inspection teams to quickly identify damages, including hard-to-access inspection areas often missed by traditional inspections. Our teams analyze scanned thermal anomalies, verify seen and unseen hazards, and pinpoint existing and potential problems such as moisture trapped inside roofing systems and damages behind interior walls.

If you have any questions or would like more information about how TDI's comprehensive inspection capabilities and certified damage reports will help you succeed, please reach out. We are committed to delivering the superior quality and unrivaled customer support you deserve.


Get in touch today. Call 678-665-9904 or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you!


TDI offers licensed FAA pilots the opportunity to fly drone missions for an award-winning drone company with assignments in solar farm inspections, roofing inspections, thermal FLIR imagery inspections, and thermographic building analysis.


Join our network of highly experienced drone pilots and work with clients in your local service area. Complete your profile today to get access to engaging pilot jobs and rewarding drone work.  

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