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To help you better understand what sets TDI Thermal Drone Inspections apart from traditional inspection methods, we like to have you imagine that a child is playing baseball and accidentally gets hit in the arm with a fly ball.  The poor kid's arm swells up to the size of a softball, so you take him to the hospital to get it checked it out.  The doctor examines his arm and sees that there are no blood or cuts, but he doesn't stop there.  He wants to take an x-ray of the impacted area to make sure that there is no damage below the surface.

Let's now suppose that similarly sized hail

hits your roofing systems and building envelope for an extended period of time.


The exterior looks okay, but how do you

know whether or not there are unseen damages below the surface?

Here is where TDI is different:

Our team of certified thermologists coupled with our thermal & infrared drone inspections identify and analyze unseen problems, thermal anomalies, and moisture damages often undetected with traditional inspections.

TDI provides clients with a complete set

of thermal and infrared imaging solutions, including handheld inspection reports to

verify problems up close, in your interior, and behind walls and hard to access areas.​


TDI offers licensed FAA pilots the opportunity to fly drone missions for an award-winning drone company with assignments in solar farm inspections, roofing inspections, thermal FLIR imagery inspections, and thermographic building analysis.


Join our network of highly experienced drone pilots and work with clients in your local service area. Complete your profile today to get access to engaging pilot jobs and rewarding drone work.